Why Dishonor the Graves?

tulipsYesterday I learned the angel and plaque I placed on my husband’s grave three years ago have disappeared. Why would someone do this?  What kind of satisfaction can one get from taking something off the gravesite of another person’s loved one?

My heart breaks to know someone dishonored the resting place of my husband’s earthly body. This violation goes even deeper than those times my home and vehicle have been invaded. I can’t even express the emotions I’m experiencing.

However I am called to forgive. I’m not sure I can forgive right now, but I can pray for the person or persons who did this. I don’t know the circumstances. Perhaps some widow is grieving and she didn’t have the funds to secure what she saw was a heartfelt tribute, so she “borrowed” them. Or perhaps it was just vandals with nothing better to do. These items would not be worth anything for resale. Only God knows what happened. And God is the ultimate judge.

I am going to pray for the souls who dishonored the memory of my husband, and I will pray for God to help me forgive and give this over to Him. This, I know, is the only way I can find peace with what has happened.

In the near future, I’ll be searching for another angel and a new plaque which says just the right words. I realize my husband isn’t in that grave and it is just a marking place for his earthly body. He is in heaven far above the things of this world. But God created him and his grave deserves to be honored.


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