Living Into Changes

aug2016fbcoverChanges aren’t always welcomed in our lives. In fact, there is a book all about how differently some people approach change. Check out “Who Moved My Cheese” if you want a quick read. I remember when my boss asked everyone on her team to read this book. It was an eye opener for me. But I digress.

I’m not writing this post to promote a book. My life has been filled with changes, as I’m sure yours has been, throughout my journey. Many changes have occurred in the last few years. The biggest change was learning how to live alone after my husband died. It was a huge life change.

I’ve been an author for thirteen years now. My last book was released almost a year ago. I loved writing. I still do. But God called me back to a day job working in the church where I’m a member. I am so involved in God’s work now and feeling fulfilled at a level, I cannot even explain. As an author, I felt I was working for God, but there was some “pride” involved there, too. God has shown me a new path He wants me to walk, and I look on this new opportunity as a ministry. The passion to write books has dwindled.

Weaving words is something I love to do. However, I had found myself caught up in the “rules” of writing and in doing so, my natural voice was getting lost. I found myself following a formula, and feeling like part of an algebraic equation. Perhaps it is burnout. I don’t know. God knows though, and He is directing me in a path to bring me closer into a relationship with Him. What this will lead to, only God knows, but I trust Him. I trust Him and I’m passionate about following His will.

Every morning for the past three plus years, I’ve been writing a post on Facebook to bring a smile and a bit of inspiration to help people get through the day. I’m feeling led to leave Facebook and move this morning inspiration to my blog. Saying yes to God is freeing and it brings change.

This will be a big change, not only for me, but for those who do follow me. If you are one of those Facebook friends who wants to receive a morning message as I lift my cup of tea before starting the day, please click the link to subscribe to my blog via email. You can always just visit the website daily, but by subscribing you won’t miss your morning message from me.

I ask that you pray for me as I live into this new change!


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Living Into Changes — 6 Comments

  1. Carol,
    We all learn as we go. I admire you for both listening n hearing God. I’ve been torn before about writing and the time it takes away from everything else. I’m not yet where you are. I’m in the praying listening stage. I just finished a story that drained everything I had. I’m excited about getting it out but don’t know that I’ll write another. Whew. Take care of you. He will never lead us astray. Hugs. Barb

    • I was in the praying and listening/not listening stage for a long time, Barb! Congratulations on the latest story! May God continue to bless you in your endeavors, where ever they may lead!

  2. God’s blessings on your new journey! I look forward to reading your blog each day and growing daily in God’s vision. Much love and God’s peace be forever with you!!✨💜✨

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