Believing You Can Do All Things Through Christ

When you see the smile on the face of a little child of around two feeding herself with a plastic spoon between her TOES because she has no hands, how would that make you feel?

This is one of the first things I saw this morning via a video on a friend’s Facebook wall. My first thought wasn’t about praying for her, but about asking God for forgiveness for all the times I have thought or given voice to the words, “I can’t.”

Most of us know the words and have even repeated the scripture, “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13) Do we really BELIEVE them?

God put this on my heart after watching this video so today I am going to keep that thought in my mind. What does Philippians 4:13 mean to me? I believe it takes more than faith. God gives us a way, but often I wear blinders and fall into the trap of taking the easy way out and giving up. What about you?

The picture I included is one of how my clothes looked after working to clear out our man made fish pond in preparation for doing something new. I don’t like to get muddy and dirty. I don’t like outdoor work. But when my hubby was unable, I stepped out in faith and the strength of Christ to do the things I didn’t think I could.

Lifting my cup of tea this morning as I think about the determination of a little child and the smile on her face because she is able to feed herself.

Have a blessed day,
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Believing You Can Do All Things Through Christ — 2 Comments

    • Thank you so much, Judy! I’ll not be in church on Sunday because I’m going to visit my daughter. See you next week! Love to you and to Bob. May God continue to watch over him and help him with his diet and exercise.

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