Visiting and Welcoming

digitI’m visiting family in Wisconsin. Meet Digit, the cat. His eyes tell it all. He is not happy to have intruders in his territory. Here he was sitting guard to keep me from coming through the dining room. Amazing how a tiny cat can keep a grown person at bay, but believe me he is intimidating.

Often I see members of our church opening their arms to welcome visitors into our gathering. But I’ve also seen members, especially those who have grown up in the church, evaluating visitors.

What if someone walks in the door who is dressed shabbily, hair unkempt? What if they don’t “smell” right?

Lifting my cup of tea this morning and thinking how Jesus didn’t hesitate to welcome even the most pitiful of beggars. He placed his hands on those with leprosy and healed them. If we are to be like him, we have a long way to go!

Have a blessed day,

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Visiting and Welcoming — 2 Comments

  1. Oh I know I do! have far to go…..

    I wish I had family to visit! I do have one brother, next town over but he won’t respond to calls or FB posts. He sure needs Jesus. I suppose I could drive over there one day soon and try to run him to ground.

    Enjoy your time with yours, despite the aloof kitty, guarding his space! Be blessed and at rest today~

    • I’m so sorry about your brother, Brenda. That is very sad. I will add the situation to my prayers. I’ll be heading home tomorrow, but I sure enjoyed my time here! Blessings to you!

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