Pictures and Memories

momdadkitchenThe picture today is of my mom and dad in their home. I miss going to Illinois to visit them and I miss talking to them on the telephone.

Pictures and memories keep them alive in my heart. These are my earthly parents. But I have a heavenly father who knows me more intimately than any other person in my life.

I had my earthly parents for many years and had the honor of mom living with us for 7 months before she died. My heavenly father lives with me and within me and I in Him. This relationship will never end. He has written my name in the Book of Life, and his son Jesus, has prepared a room for me in His Father’s house where I’ll go to live one day.

Until then, I will do my best to enjoy the family He has given me on earth. I’ve enjoyed a wonderful visit with my daughter and son-in-law here in Wisconsin. I will leave this morning to head back home to Ohio. I bring with me new memories to add to the special place I keep warm memories of family and friends. And I’ll pull out these memories on a cold, winter night along with the memories of times spent in a house in Illinois where I lived with my mom and dad.

And so I lift my cup of tea this morning and ask blessings upon each of you reading this blog post. May God give you happy times to spend with those you love so you can file those memories in your favorite “mind” file to pull out on days when you feel lonely. May your Sunday be filled with love and laughter, God, and all good things.


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