Compassion Is More Than Emotion

mombirdsMy visit to Wisconsin included visiting the church my daughter and son-in-law attend. What an uplifting worship service! The pastor talked about compassion, associating it with action. This really resonated with me.

We see many things that make our hearts feel sad, that tug at our heartstrings, and even cause a few tears from time to time. I know I have counted this as compassion.

But, what if God’s compassion only went as far as that?

God doesn’t stop with just feeling the emotion for our plight. He goes into action and for those who turn to Him and trust in Him, He changes bad into good.

Compassion isn’t just an emotion. Compassion should be coupled with action.

Lifting my cup of tea and praying for God to move me beyond emotion into action…to be compassionate as Jesus is compassionate. He didn’t just grieve for all of us and our sinful lives, He took the cross and died to save us. May your day be filled with love and opportunities to not just feel but act in a compassionate manner.


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    • It was all about family lounging and catching up. Wish I could have stayed longer, though. Have a good day!

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