Where is God’s Temple Now? In Us!

Mom, Me, CatsI’ve always been a cat lover. My love began in the house way out in the sticks of Dutch Hollow where my mom introduced me to the pleasure of caring for cats!

Last night all three of my cats found a spot on the bed to sleep with me. Wilbur curls on the left side of my legs. Templeton on the right side. Charlotte at the foot of the bed. This is a sure sign that winter is drawing nearer. Woke up to see 36 degrees shouting from my phone!

Winter brings warm thoughts of staying indoors, reading books, writing, coloring, cuddling with my cats, and watching sappy movies. Sometimes this can get so comfortable I don’t want to leave the comfort of my home. I’m blessed to have God living in me now instead of in a “house” built for him.

I think about the tent Moses directed to be built as His dwelling place, to the temple Solomon built. This temple was destroyed by King Nebachadnezzer. Then much later, King Cyrus allowed the Israelites to return to Jerusalem. Nehemiah rebuilt the wall around the city and then the temple was rebuilt.

Can you imagine the joy of the people at that time? I would have liked to see them climbing on that wall with their trumpets and musical instruments and marching around on top of the wall, singing their praises!

Our bodies are now the temple in which our Lord resides. So as I lift my cup of tea to wish you a good morning, I pose a question to you and to me. How often do we defile the temple in which He now lives?


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