A Road Trip with Friends in Autumn


Today I’m taking a road trip with two friends. We’re traveling southeast to visit a small community with a wonderful Amish restaurant.

The buffet is so bountiful one must wear elastic waist slacks in order to leave in semi-comfort. Who can resist all the homemade food or the extensive dessert bar? Not I! Road trips with friends, or just spending time with friends, warms the heart!

This is supposed to be the best weekend to view the changing leaves. This has been a dry season and a lot of the leaves are turning brown and dropping from the trees already. Some are still green, but others have been touched by God’s hand in glowing shades of yellow, orange, and red.

img_0019I’m going to be riding in the back seat, so I hope to capture some nice pictures to share in another post.

Autumn reminds me that no one, not even Thomas Kinkaide, could capture the beauty of God’s paintbrush. No picture can do justice. I’m so thankful for the gift of sight and the pictures which are embedded in my memory of the awesome splendor of seasons past.

The pictures I’m sharing today were taken in October 2011 on a trip to visit relatives in upper Michigan.

Lifting my cup of tea and wishing you a wonderful day and my your eyes capture a beautiful picture today.


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