A Wake Up Call with Type 2 Diabetes

ontheroadYesterday I took a trip with two dear sisters-in-Christ. We had hoped to see some beautiful leaves, and while we did see some, the dry temperatures have not been conducive to the normal autumn beauty.

We shared stories, laughed, caught up on things that were happening in our lives, and enjoyed the time together.

neonleavesI managed to capture a few pictures from my rear seat advantage. This particular tree, in someone’s yard, was glorious in neon colors!

Isn’t God’s paintbrush beyond description?

Can you see all the yellow leaves on the ground? Yet, the tree is still filled with leaves yet to fall.

We did see a lot of green trees along with some changing color.

The food was excellent. Buffets are not good for people like me who have diabetes. I have NO willpower. I had mashed potatoes, a piece of pumpkin pie, and a scoop of peach ice cream! I tried to balance it out with lima beans, salad, and prettyshadesbroccoli casserole, but I fear the two broasted chicken wings didn’t help at all!

Today it’s back to keeping track of what I’m eating, walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes a day, and being more focused on eating healthy for my condition.

When I was first diagnosed, I was shocked, resentful, and frightened. I worked hard to control the numbers and was successful. But I’ve grown lazy and it is so easy to believe if I’m feeling good, then there is no problem.

Life is a gift. Our bodies are the temple in which God resides. With that foremost in my mind, I put my disease into perspective. I ask God for forgiveness and for His help in doing better.

Raising my second cup of tea for the day to offer a prayer for God to remind you when you might be getting sidetracked from taking care of you. The temple in the Old Testament was destroyed and rebuilt twice. Now our bodies are the temple where God resides. Don’t let your temple fall into ruin.


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A Wake Up Call with Type 2 Diabetes — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for this timely post. I’ve been really struggling (and mostly giving in) with my over-feeding.
    I too, am diabetic, have heart disease and while I did initially blame Actos for a 30 pound gain (ouch!) in all honesty, my addiction to smoked sausage had more to do with it. I gained it quickly, as in two or three months and have toted it around for the past 8. I am weary and worn out and while I finally let that particular habit go, I’ve not replaced it with healthier ones.
    I am so encouraged to do so after reading this post. Thank you…and God bless you in your journey.

    • Oh, Brenda, I know what a struggle you are in. I live it every day. I failed miserably last night. Did so good until dinner time. It’s after dinner I start craving “something” and I don’t know what! So I wind up eating things I shouldn’t. I have to remember to turn to Jesus in prayer when these cravings hit. And I need to remind myself I have a so-far-silent progressive disease. God bless you and give you the strength to choose healthy for you. Hugs.

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