Sunday Morning High!

Photo-Jul-29-9-49-55-AMIt’s Sunday and I’m so filled with happy song and lifted heart. Going to church to worship and give thanks is the highlight of my week! It’s starts my week right…on a high!

I love John Denver’s song, Rocky Mountain High. And that’s the kind of high I have on Sunday morning.

The flowers are fading away, golden and red leaves are coloring the trees, and cooler weather is here. For just a couple of days, I’ve been enjoying warm sunshine filled days…what my grandmother always referred to as Indian Summer. I know when this passes, we’ll be settling into true autumn weather and the first heavy frost is coming, along with Thanksgiving!

I don’t want these months to go fast. I want to savor each day. Today I will rejoice with my brothers and sisters in Christ. This is my day I reserve to spend with my Lord and give thanks for my many blessings.

May your heart be uplifted and your day be a blessed one! Lifting my cup of tea high with a smile and a song!

With Love,

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