I Believe in the Power of Prayer

Tea and PrayerDear Father,

I believe in the power of prayer, so here I sit at the foot of Your Throne this morning with my cup of tea and a troubled heart. You know what is on my mind, but I need to voice my concerns and I thank You for giving me that privilege.

My dear friend’s leukemia has returned. The doctors who have been caring for her have given up hope. What a sad and frightening situation for her and those who love her. I know You love her even more. So I pray on her behalf and I believe You hear my heart crying out in faith.


Why do I Believe?

I ponder why such things happen. The election is drawing near. The candidates are media mogul who spout nasty words, fighting like children in a playground with no control on their words.

Battles are raging around the world with threats of nuclear weapons and destruction, violence against any who do not believe as they do. I know when You gave Satan the opportunity to do what he wanted here on earth, it was for a reason. I believe You cry as much as I do about all the horrible things happening today. I feel like a tiny speck of sand in a might mountain. Can my one small voice be heard?

Yes, I believe it can. One person can make a difference, right? Otherwise, why am I here?

Some don’t believe in You. You told us this would happen and that we would suffer for our beliefs. As the radical religious wars spread into terrorism and hatred runs like a flood over our land, I still believe in the power of prayer.

People ask why these things happen. If You exist, and You are goodness and love, why don’t You stop them if You are so powerful? How can anyone believe in You? Look at the world, it’s a mess! You know there are so many hardened hearts. Is this part of Your plan?

I don’t understand. It’s beyond my comprehension. I know I’m not supposed to understand, yet the human part of me cries out for discernment!

I believe in You. I’ve seen Your miracles. Just look at me! I’m made like no other, like no machine, yet each part is intricately connected to another. I can see! I can hear! I can smell! I can think! I can reason! You gave us the right to make our own decisions. How did we come into existence if not through Your will?

You sent Jesus to earth as a man to experience all that we experience. And then He died on the cross to take on the sins of all mankind so that we could be saved. I believe in the cross, the crucifixion, and the resurrection. I believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

This morning I sit here, a humble woman with a cup of tea. I’m at Your feet. I’m privileged to visit You at any time. So, Lord, I bow my head and pray for our land, for our people, for those who are battling diseases and hatred. I ask that You use me to further Your Church. That I be one small ember in a fire that will bloom and spread and enter the hardened hearts to bring the Light into the world, according to Your will. I believe in the power of prayer. I believe in You. I place my friend in Your lap and ask for healing. I ask for You to do what the doctors cannot! I ask You to use Your Healing Power according to Your will.

Take my prayer and turn it to good. I love you, Father. I believe.

In the Powerful and Mighty Name of Jesus, Amen.

Believe in the Power of Love



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