Living Alone with Diabetes Type 2 – Part 2

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After my doctor told me to stop being so strict in checking my blood glucose levels, I decided he thought I was doing so good, there was no reason to worry. It is easy to fall into a place where you forget you have diabetes. Especially if you are on track with your numbers.

Wrong! You need to know how your body is reacting to the carbohydrates you are eating, or in some cases NOT eating. Your numbers could drop too low, you could become shaky, confused, sleepy, irritable, or even have a seizure. On the other hand your blood sugar can rise too high. Symptoms are thirst, feeling sick, vomiting, fainting, or losing weight too rapidly. Either of these symptoms of diabetes need to be treated by a doctor immediately.

Exercising and eating the right foods are crucial, no matter how good your A1C or your blood glucose numbers might be. You are still a diabetic and it is important to check your numbers on a regular basis.

I found a wonderful app for my smart phone. I set up the days I want to check my numbers. I get a reminder on that day, VERY EARLY, reminding me to check before I eat breakfast. I add the number into the app. I can also add my food, my medication, my weight, and my blood pressure. This is very helpful for me and perhaps it will help you. The app is called Health2Sync. It is FREE. If you have a cable, you can even connect your meter to the phone and upload to the app. I don’t have one, but it is super easy to enter manually.

There are a lot of apps and a lot of different phones. Look into them. When you live alone, there is no one to remind you to check your numbers. Let the phone be your nudge.

Tracking Food to Control Diabetes

Another great app I use, the FREE version, is MyFitnessPal. What I like about this is you can look up food values. If you are consistent with putting everything you eat into the app on a daily basis, you can see how many carbs, protein, fiber, etc. you are consuming. You know what your carb count should be. Looking at the app, which will give you a cumulative count helps you keep on track.

Now, you can cheat. You can not add something you eat. Easy to do. Mostly because you are ashamed of eating that bag of potato chips or the bowl of ice cream. Guess what. You can’t hide what you ingest from your body. No one will see these numbers except you. And you can be more aware of why your numbers are too high or too low.

Exercise for Diabetes

I hate to exercise. However, I know just walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes a day, lowers my numbers and helps me lose weight. I am blessed to have a treadmill. Many don’t have this option.

Here’s a tip. I like to talk with family and friends on the phone. So, instead of sitting on the sofa and chatting, I walk around the house. I walk from the living room to the kitchen, down the hallway, into the bedroom, down the stairs and through the family room, the office and basement and back up again. You’d be surprised how many steps you can rack up that way!

Oh, and get a good pedometer. I have a fitbit and that tracks all my steps. I set a goal of meeting 6,000 steps, but I didn’t start at that level. I’d love to get the recommended steps of 10,000 per day. I’m not young and I’m not that motivated. But I do try and get in a consistent 30 minutes of walking every day except for Sunday. That’s my day of rest.

Talking to Jesus About your Diabetes Challenges

Once again, this post is getting long, but I wanted to finish it off today and get back to my daily thoughts with my morning tea.

Here’s the best tip I can give you. Don’t forget to pray. We all flub up, we all make mistakes. And we cannot, absolutely cannot do this without Christ! Pray for Him to help you remember what you need to know. Pray for His help when you feel an overwhelming need to skip a meal, or eat half a package of chocolate chip cookies. Jesus understands our challenges as diabetics. He loves us. He wants us to succeed. He wants to help us. And He wants us to turn to Him.

And one last bit of advice. Drink a cup of flavored tea. I am sipping on a delicious Republic of Tea blend of ginger peach decaffeinated. It satisfies my craving for something sweet, plus the hot liquid gives a feeling of being full.

And now, I will stop writing for today. May you find the courage and strength to persevere and to fight this dreadful disease. I’m always available to talk with you! Just comment and I’ll be happy to respond, or if you want to talk more personally, click on the Email Me tab at the top of my website.


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