God is the Reason I Drink Tea

Tea and PrayerI love my morning cup of tea!

There was a time when I drank coffee. Lots of coffee. Flavored coffee. I even ground my own beans.

When I realized coffee was keeping me awake at night, I tried to give it up. I was sick for a week. Constant headache, grouchy. Ugh. Drank coffee again and my symptoms disappeared. So I continued, and that’s when I got into the gourmet flavored coffees. My favorite was hazelnut. I even had my own brewer in my office so I could have my coffee without having to stop working. Yeah, it was an obsession.

At this time, I didn’t drink regular coffee. I was a hazelnut snob. I tell you this to lead into the way I overcame my drinking habit. My grandson, four years old, and I took a vacation together. We went to a cabin in Tennessee and I forgot to bring my coffee makings! Looking back, I’m sure this was a God thing. Imagine my first reaction! Gasp! In a remote cabin and no hazelnut coffee! What would I do? I was such a snob, there was no way I’d go to the store and buy already ground plain old coffee. So I suffered mentally.

For a week, I had NO coffee, and I was so busy having fun with my little guy I didn’t have time to lament my lack of drink. I took care of my caffeine need by drinking a diet pop each morning. No headaches. No grinding or brewing.

I never went back to drinking coffee! And I thank God for this. I would never have voluntarily given up my coffee addiction without Him. I didn’t ask for His help. Didn’t realize I needed to stop. But He knew.

I began drinking tea, but it made me feel sick. Tea isn’t supposed to have as much caffeine as coffee, or so I’ve been told, but it made me feel nauseous unless I ate crackers with it. And I never drank tea during the day. Or at night. Only in the morning.

After a scare with a breast tumor, which turned out to be benign, I gave up all caffeine. I now drink mainly water, but I enjoy one to two cups of tea daily. Decaf tea. I love it, but I can also do without it. It’s not an addiction, though you’d probably think so with all my morning cup of tea posts.

I just enjoy a warm, relaxing cup of tea each morning as I do my devotions and write. My favorite tea is Bigelow Decaf Earl Grey. For an afternoon treat, I love The Republic of Tea Decaf Ginger Peach. I’ve tried some of the gourmet teas, a birthday gift from my daughter where the loose tea is placed in a special device with boiling water, steeps, and then is placed over a cup to allow just the liquid to come through. I still prefer the tea bags of Earl Grey. Perhaps I’m afraid of becoming addicted to gourmet tea as I was to gourmet coffee.

Why am I telling you all this? I don’t know! This is what came out when I began to type. I think God was revealing to me that I didn’t overcome my coffee addiction. It was God. Without Him, I can do nothing! I never acknowledged His being behind my week of abstinence in Tennessee until this morning.

God reveals things to us all the time. So, today I lift my cup of tea and give thanks where it belongs! Praise God!

Have a blessed Sunday,

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God is the Reason I Drink Tea — 2 Comments

  1. I buy the Soothing Moments by Lipton, maybe once a year. I like the name more than the tea, but like things with ginger, spice etc. and have it wit a bit of honey on cold days or if I have a sore throat. I’m thankful those are few and far between.

    Coffee…I do have more than what is “necessary”, and use the flavored ones for a weekend treat. I have between 4-6 cups most days.

    Those things that cause trouble will be brought to our attention and yes….God helps us lay them down. My worst habit right now is overfeeding at night and boy, that IS a problem! God is very aware of my need for correction in this area, for health and spiritual reasons. I am willing to lay it down…….now to get the heart lined up with mind and spirit.

    Be blessed today my friend!

    • Oh, that is so me! Evening is the worst time for cravings for me. I’m always looking for something to munch on! I don’t buy the junk for that very reason, but I still search through the cupboards and refrigerator. I don’t know if I’ll ever get over that habit! As for tea, I’m not a fan of Lipton’s at all. Well, except for iced tea. I much prefer the Earl Grey teas, Bigelow better than Twinings. But The Republic of Tea has the very best flavored teas. I shop at a place called The Anderson’s to get it. Can’t find it in the grocery stores. However, I buy my Bigelow Earl Grey at my local grocery store.

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