Love More, Hate Less…What the World Needs Now

Love and faithMore love, less hate. That’s what I’m praying for this morning as I sit here with my cup of tea and think about Jesus.

Satan is gaining foothold. Riots in the streets, killing, hatred, anger. Exactly what he wants to see.

This is my friend, Jolie. She has a rare form of leukemia and has reached what the doctors say is the end of any treatments which can put her in remission. Yet she has faith and is not giving up.

Hope is what we need to cling to. Our God is a mighty God and is crying out to us to turn to Jesus before it is too late. Oh, my. I am appalled at how people are so vicious and filled with hate and anger!

When Jesus walked the earth, He was misunderstood, despised, hunted, betrayed, and crucified. Yet, He was sent to show the world about love and about the kingdom of God. I wonder what He thinks of our world today. Has it changed?

Don’t ever think that you can’t make a difference because you are just one person. Hatred spreads like wildfire from one to another. It is Satan’s greatest glee. People talk. We try to find others who believe as we do, and even align ourselves with others to “fit in.” Are you happy with the choices you’ve made? Are you filled with anger? Why? And what can one minute of anger do for you?

What about love? Why are we afraid to show love to others? One smile, one hug, one kind word can change a person’s day. And that person just might pass along the love. One minute of love can do a lot more for me than one minute of anger.

I’m truly troubled about people who have claimed to be followers of Christ, yet are showing a totally different side of their personality now. I was “friends” with a man on Facebook who always talked about loving and helping his neighbors, about taking food to a picnic bench and sharing it with the homeless. He talked about his dogs and how he loved them. And when someone did him wrong, he decided to turn the other cheek. This morning on Facebook, I read his latest posts. He cursed, said foul things about women voters…hatred just spewed from his words. Yes, I know we can’t possibly know what truth is behind a person on social media, and yes I unfriended him after following him for several years.

I even thought about abandoning my morning inspirational posts on Facebook and deleting my account. What? If I believe we need more love and less hate, why would I turn from sharing love? Satan would adore that, wouldn’t he?

My friend Jolie doesn’t care about who has been elected President. She puts her faith and trust in God, the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. As do I.

As I finish my cup of tea, I lift my eyes to Jesus and my heart is comforted. Love is the key. I want to be part of spreading more love. How about you? Oh, and would you please pray for my friend, Jolie and her husband, Herb? Thank you!

Father, forgive me for my sins. Forgive me for any anger I have harbored. Help me to keep my hope anchored to the rock. Let no man, no beast, no thing become my idol. Help me to be a positive influence as I go through my day. And continue to let the Holy Spirit be a light within me, a beacon of love to all I meet. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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Love More, Hate Less…What the World Needs Now — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you, Carol Ann…this message is SO very needed today as I struggle to be that light in this darkness! My heart breaks and has for days, but I refuse to let despair win out over the love and hope that is in Jesus Christ our Lord! Be blessed, my sister, and thank you for being a light to this sister’s path!💖

    • Bless you, Penny. I’m so glad that you have the strength of faith needed to battle the darkness. Praying for you.

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