Love in Action Drives Change

Love is an Action WordLove in action drives change.

We hear the word love a lot, but love is not perpetuated by speaking the word, but by our actions. Most of the actions I’m seeing today are about greed and the focus on self.

Have you ever passed by a person standing on a corner holding a sign and kept your eyes from meeting theirs? Why do you do that? Because you don’t want to share what you have or because you believe that person should be seeking a job to provide for themselves? Or maybe you have another reason. Maybe you don’t have money in your wallet.

I’ve been there. I judged those who “beg” as people who make more that way than they would if they had a regular job. Some admit it, though I’ve only heard that second hand. I’ve learned second hand or third hand renderings are not accurate. Remember the children’s game of telephone?

Ever stop to think what Jesus would do? Jesus loves all of us. He didn’t come to earth with an agenda for serving only a select group of people! He died to save ALL of us. That was the ultimate act of love. When our children are little and dependent upon us, we shower them with love and attention. There was a time when this became an obsession and the generation we created was one with their hands out, expecting to receive because they deserved it. In retrospect, this might be why some people blame the world for all their problems instead of focusing on their own faults.

Could this be why love has become a word and not an action? Have we become a generation who expects love but isn’t willing to pass it on?

The other day I was leaving my local grocery store and there was a young couple standing at the light, the young man holding the sign, while the young girls shivered and huddled inside the hoodie of her sweatshirt. It was very cold outside and the wind was bitter. I passed them and was the first at the stoplight. God nudges us through the Holy Spirit, but many times we don’t listen. I listened as I was nudged to share. I had $60 in my bank account which had to last me for a week until payday. I had $12 in my wallet. I had food in my refrigerator and a half tank of gas. My bills were paid. I was wealthy! So I opened my wallet, pulled out some bills and shared half of what was in my wallet with them. I don’t know if they were looking for money for drugs or not. It didn’t matter. There but by the grace of God was I.

I left and prayed that the money would help them and that God would know my heart was in the right place and thanked him for putting me in that place for that time. Life is short. In these last few years, God has taught me to trust Him and to reach out to those who are less fortunate than me. I was able to give money to my church a couple days later and I might not have cash in my wallet, but God will provide! I have a warm house, a vehicle that runs, food to eat, clothes to wear. He provides what I need and I am blessed.

Sharing with others is a blessing. It is an act of love. Prayer is an act of love. And, even keeping my mouth shut when I want to engage with someone who is gossiping is an act of love. We are called to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ through both our words and actions. Words followed by actions is the important thing.

And so today, I ask you during this season of love to remember that love is an action word. Love is what is missing in this world. Love for others and not just for ourselves. Let’s start a revolution, one person at a time by putting love into action. Who is with me?

Love and Blessings,

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