Gifts and Calling of God

Unexpected Mercy“The gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.” (Romans 11:29)

Am I on the right path? Whose voice am I hearing?

These are questions I have asked myself throughout my life, and especially since I began following the path of writing books. I receive wonderful reviews and encouraging words from readers which inspire me to continue along the same path. My love and passion to write is one of the gifts God has given me.

Yet I haven’t published one book in 2016. A voice keeps telling me it isn’t good enough and I feel less than adequate to continue. And so I’ve wasted my gift this year.

God led me to be more active in my church. This is such a wonderful blessing and opportunity to help others. One of my other gifts is a heart for those who are in need, whether those be humans, animals, or birds. If I can hand a bag of food to someone who is hungry, hug someone and cry with them as I pray, or just listen, I feel God’s presence and approval.

So why am I having trouble with sharing God’s word through my writing? I’ve been praying for His guidance and because I’m having trouble hearing a clear answer, my writing has come to a halt. Is this God’s call or Satan’s. He is always attacking us when we have successes. Perhaps my lack of courage comes from him. He doesn’t want us to use the gifts God give us for good.

But according to Romans 11:29, God’s gifts are irrevocable! Therefore, I am going to claim the power given me in the Holy Spirit to order Satan out of my life! I will not listen to his words that I am not good enough! I can do all things through Christ!

If God is leading me to use my gifts in a different way, He will make that way clear and He will anoint it! I believe.

And so, I lift my cup of tea this morning and pray for God to lead me. For Him to make the way for me, His daughter, to use my God-given gifts to bring Him glory!


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