Jesus Understands Our Earthly Struggles

This morning I’m thinking about Jesus and how he understands all that I experience. This is a humbling thought. How easily I get caught up in my personal struggles without remembering this. Not just on a surface level, but delving into the truth of the gospel.

God sent Jesus to be born into the world, to experience everything from birth to death. Jesus grew up in a world where He knew He was different, but no one truly understood the depth of this. He experienced the cuts, pains and joys as all our children. He was called to go through the trials and temptations we all face.

I’ve been worried about my blood sugar numbers which are not as good as they should be. I struggle to deny myself the pleasure of foods I enjoy and many times I give in, pushing aside the truth that I have diabetes. I cannot do this without God’s help. The world is too tempting and Satan knows this is one of my greatest weaknesses.

Jesus was tempted over and over again. Yet, He remained strong against Satan’s lies. I want to be like Jesus.

I think about how Jesus’ own neighbors and family discounted Him because he was just the son of cabinet maker. He understands my pain when I feel misunderstood. He knows the frustration experienced in speaking truth to those who refuse to listen. Judas betrayed Him. Peter denied Him three times.

I know he understands how I feel alone in my fight against this silent disease. I feel good. I don’t feel like I have a disease that can kill me. Yet my body betrays me.

So I sit here with my cup of tea and feel comforted in knowing Jesus understands the struggles. All my struggles. I can turn to Him for comfort and guidance. I have faith. I have the strength and armor to stand against Satan. I claim that truth in the powerful Name of Jesus and rebuke the temptations of the world. With Christ, all things are possible.

These are the books I wrote which are about people struggling with life and faith, and how good can overcome evil.

I wish you blessings of this Christmas time! If you are looking for a book to read during the holidays, maybe you’d enjoy one of the following.

Joshua's Hope In Joshua’s Hope, a young woman fights desperately to gain custody of her stepson who is being abused. When she gives God control, her life is blessed.


In Trapped, a young woman tries to do the right thing, but trouble pursues her. She doesn’t trust in people, but learns the true meaning of friendship when she is at her lowest. When she let’s God take control, wonderful things happen.

In God's Time

This is the second book in the Havens Creek Series. A man’s life has been traumatized by war and the sudden death of his sister. Traveling to Haven’s Creek, he learns there is still goodness in life when God is in control.

The Father's Gift

The Father’s Gift was written to show how forgiving others can heal our lives. This is a story of friendship, love, and family and how God’s plan has been in place all along. Experience Christmas in Havens Creek.

Unexpected Mercy

This is the last book in the Havens Creek Series. A young woman flees from a serial killer, assuming a different identity and finds herself in a quandary because of her lies. But God is in control, and the people of Havens Creek are forgiving. Even a serial killer can’t stand in the way of Gods’ plan.




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