Morning Epiphany – All Gifts Come from God

The Father's GiftThis year God blessed me with a part-time job which allowed me to purchase a gift for my grandchildren, so when I visited homes on Christmas Day, I came bearing gifts.

My heart was happy to give and I felt the blessing in being able to do so, when the giving was unexpected. Yet, as I spent time in devotions this morning, I thought back to yesterday when I delivered the gifts and realized I was expecting to receive thanks and justification that the gifts were pleasing.

I wonder how many of us were caught in the trap of coveting God’s praise for ourselves during this Christmas season? I confess to being one. The desire to please is deeply ingrained in me. As a child, I desired to know I was good enough and was loved, but I sought that love from humans. I’ve grown to realize only God can provide what I needed then and still need. I seek to please, but I must remember the One I should seek to please is God and He is the One Who will provide justification.

God has reminded me that all gifts come from Him. He is the One to receive thanks. He is the Giver of all things good and of the greatest gift ever…the gift of Jesus. So I am grateful for His reminder today.

When I wrote The Father’s Gift, it was with the hope of showing how God’s gifts are perfect. The book is set in the fictional town of Havens Creek during the Christmas season. The book was not of my creation, it is a gift God gave me.

As I look forward to 2017, I turn to God for wisdom, for the words, and for the passion to write as He directs. My heart is eager and open as I remain silent and wait for Him to speak.

Merry Christmas!


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