January 1 – January 21 (Genesis 1-24)

I’m so excited about beginning this 3-year study with you! I hope you have a notebook to use with your reading. This will be where you write down the things you learn as you study.

The Old Testament is filled with history and not only that but an ongoing revelation of God to man.¬†You’ll find they progressively reveal God’s plan for the redemption of mankind, from our creation and fall up to the birth of Jesus Christ.

Let’s begin!

For the next three weeks, you’ll be reading from the Book of Genesis, Chapters 1 through 24.

General study guides:

Genesis 1-2

  • Note what is created each day.
  • Note the order of events and man’s relationship and responsibilities to God and to the woman.

Genesis 3-5

  • Learn about the serpent, his tactics, how he tempts Eve and what he says.
  • Note Eve’s progression into sin.
  • Note the consequence of Adam’s disobedience.
  • Genesis 3:15 is the first promise of a Redeemer.
  • Note the occupations and abilities of the people in Chapter 4

Genesis 6-9

  • Observe the reasons for the flood.
  • Watch the timing of the events (rains for forty days and nights).
  • List all you learn about the word covenant

Genesis 10-11

  • Note who was separated, how, when, where and why along with the result.
  • Babylon plays an important role throughout the Bible. Its roots are in Genesis. Note what you learn about Babylon.

Genesis 12-24

  • Note when the focus changes to Abraham.
  • Note any insights you learn about the way the people lived, how and why God deals with these men, their families, and their associates…what happens as a result.

I hope you’ll come back to this post and add comments as you study and think about these scriptures. Also, if you have questions, feel free to ask in the comments because this might be what someone else is wondering about, too. I’ll answer to the best of my ability in the comments as well, so be sure to ask to “follow” the comments on the posts.

Happy Reading and Studying!


January 1 – January 21 (Genesis 1-24) — 3 Comments

  1. What I learned in reading the first two chapters is that man (Adam) was put into the Garden of Eden to cultivate and care for everything in this garden. So when woman was made to be his helper, she also became his responsibility.

  2. Forgot to mention I also learned the author of Genesis was Moses. I did know this but hadn’t really thought about it. Luke 24:27 confirms this.

  3. So God put the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden. This must mean evil existed already. We don’t know at what time God threw Satan out of Heaven, but this might indicate it happened before the actual creation of man. God forbid the man and woman to eat of the fruit of this tree, but He allowed them free will…or a choice to obey or not. He told them disobedience would mean death. But evil (or Satan) in the guise of the serpent enticed Eve to look at how good the fruit was and how she could become as wise as God. He told her she wouldn’t die. And she chose to believe the serpent. Adam was with her, but didn’t stop her. He also had a choice and he chose to follow what his wife wanted rather than to obey God. And God was merciful! He didn’t kill man and woman, but instead punished them and banished them from the Garden. He cursed the ground so that man would have to toil to eat and he added significant pain to woman for childbirth. This shows even at the beginning of time, God provided mercy and grace to us and He even gave enlightenment of a future Redeemer in this account of creation.

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