Peace on Earth in This New Year

Love for the new yearI was enjoying my morning cup of tea and thinking about my New Year’s Eve this year. It was very discouraging…and a bit frightening.

I remember when the first thing everyone wanted to do was kiss the one they loved to welcome in the new year. It started the year with a positive. LOVE! It signified the new year would beĀ filled with love and all things good.

This year, and in the past few years, the new year was welcomed in with gunshots. Lots of gunshots! As I lay in bed listening to the sound of bullets filling the air, sadness is what I felt.

Gunshots echoing all around. A cry of violence answered by more of the same. I thought this must be similar to experiences inside a war zone. Three shots in quick succession right outside my bedroom window sent my cat fleeing for safety.

As I ponder the state of our world today, all the hatred and violence, acts of terrorism, and blatant disrespect for life and for the Bible, it’s not so unexpected many want to usher in a new year with a sign of violence.

I pray for peace today. I pray for God to heal those broken, shattered lives pulled down into the pit by Satan and his demons. I pray for the misguided teachings of our youth, for the lost family values, for the tortured souls who cry out but know not what they need. I pray for God to send angels to protect His children, for His light to pierce the darkness ushered in with this new year.

I sip my tea with tears on my cheeks, but I put my faith and trust in the Great I Am. The only One Who has the power to bring peace on earth. He is able. I feel a washing of the heart as His Spirit reassures me that God is in control. His plans are not to harm.

The end has been written. The Lamb will come. The time is not known. I submit myself to His will to prepare me for that time so that I might sit at the wedding supper.

I lift my cup of tea in one hand and lift the other to God as I pray for us. Your will be done, Lord. May this new year be a time of revival and redemption.


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