Not My Mother’s Cold

This is not my mother’s cold. Though she would have told me to fix a hot cup of tea with honey which is what I’m now drinking. For the past few days, I’ve been battling against a stuffy head which feels as if it weighs twice as much as my body. My nose is stuffed up making me suck air in through my mouth, but five minutes later, I’m reaching for a tissue to stop my running nose!

Yes, I have a cold, or perhaps a sinus infection which hasn’t reached it’s full potential yet. No fever. No aches other than those of visits paid by old Arthur-itus. Ha!

It’s so easy to fall into complaining about my minor illnesses, but when I think about those on my prayer list, I realize how petty it is for me to whine. I’m praying for people who have cancer and are faced with debilitating treatments with no promise of a cure, for tiny infants who came into this world too soon and are fighting daily to survive, and for someone recovering from surgery to remove a brain tumor. These are the ones who don’t complain. They fight painful battles every second, yet they are grateful for every breath.

me without a coldThere are no guarantees in life. Our days are numbered here on earth, but God is in the healing business. He hears each and every prayer. I believe in miracles. So I pray for those on my prayer list and know God is able!

And, I know He’s able to heal this thing which is not my mother’s cold. I’m thinking positive and remembering a nice warm day at Alum Creek this past September as my daughters walked with me on the Suicide Prevention Awareness Walk. The wind was blowing my hair, the sun was warm on my skin, and winter was not on my radar.

I lift my morning cup of tea, sweetened with honey, and sip. And I’m grateful for my blessings. Even…ah-choo…(reaching for tissue) the blessing of knowing this too shall pass.



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    • Hi Sis! Thanks for the prayers. I’m looking forward to spending a quiet weekend at home relaxing. Love you!

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