Healing Hearts Series

Healing Hearts Series Book 1Healing Hearts is the name of my new series. God gave me the direction for this series quite a few years ago. I have been pushing it aside and writing other books…ie the Havens Creek Series.

Last year I started to write the first book, Katy’s Heart, but it took a totally different direction than what God had asked me to write. And I couldn’t continue. So I put my writing aside and kept waiting for God to lead me in the right direction.

Voices…so many voices…bombarded me, mostly those of Satan. He wanted to deter me from writing. He does not want to see God glorified.

I decided to just rest and wait for God to open my eyes to His will. He spoke to me so loudly through the voices of those who have read my books in the past that I couldn’t mistake His voice! I was called to write and share God’s love for His children through books.

Healing Hearts is a series straight from God. The first book is about Katy. She has something horrible happen that tears her heart in two. It’s a story about forgiveness, not only of someone who has done the perceived worst to us, but forgiveness of self. And how forgiving does not mean forgetting, but in forgiving we find ourselves lifted from the darkness into the light. God at work in our lives. All glory to God.

Honestly, this title of this series was supposed to be another group of women’s stories. Last year I found myself falling back into comfort zone of writing more Christian romance. I think that’s why God stopped being my muse. It was only yesterday when I realized the title and covers I had purchased worked perfectly for the series God had revealed to me over six years ago!

I hope you will enjoy following my journey as I write the Healing Hearts series and I hope you will enjoy the results. Pray along with me as I sit at the computer to write Katy’s Heart.



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  1. Good morning! I have been trying to find your new book “katys heart” with no sucess yet. Is this only sold in stores now? Thank you. Blessings!!

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