Thoughts a Writer’s Mind Holds

Oh, the thoughts a writer’s mind holds! At least this writer.

Throughout my day, I’m given bits and pieces of information that seem to stick in little boxes in my brain. Normally I’m very organized, but when it comes to filing these tidbits, I forget the importance of capturing them on paper for later use.

For instance, I woke this morning, so wonderfully rested from a good night’s rest after a long week’s work, and knew I’d tucked something in my brain I wanted to write about. Like most things I put away for safekeeping, I’m having difficulty finding it.

There are so many situations I encounter in real life that would make great writing material for either a book or a blog. However, the truth of the situation is this: I’m a true seat of the pants writer.

When I sit at the computer to write a blog, I face a blank screen with no idea what I’m going to write. As my fingers touch the keyboard, words began to form. Just like they are right now. It’s the same when I work on my book. If I fail to pull up my manuscript and write something every day, I begin to procrastinate because I begin being analytic. I have no idea what I’m going to write, so I don’t.

However, while I’m going about my normal day, all sorts of things happen and thoughts twist into great plot points and I can’t wait to include it in either a blog or “what happens next.” The problem is letting these great ideas scamper to a spot in my writer’s brain where later they are so well hidden, I can’t locate them.

I wonder if these little bits of information are what come out to play in my dreams at night? Those dreams which seem so scattered and make no sense. It makes me smile to think about little pieces of information with small feet and hands dancing around in my brain when I’m unaware and then scampering back to hide when my conscious brain overpowers the subconscious.

Okay, I went a little bit overboard there in that last paragraph, but that’s how a writer’s brain works. We take a little piece of information, think about it, toss it around, and build scenarios. Those become fodder for situations, characters, and places in our writing. It’s a wonderful time to sit and twist ideas into scenes and watch them take place unfolding like a mind movie. I believe my teachers used to call it daydreaming, and yes, I was that kind of a kid.

I must remember to grab one of those tiny little notebooks like the detectives in old movies carried in their breast pockets. Then I can capture all these random thoughts that pop up when I’m not at the keyboard.

So now I’ve revealed some of how my writer’s brain works. I’m sure there are other writers who are much more organized than I. Writers who can create a plot and follow it exclusively to weave a great story. I’ve tried, but my brain doesn’t work that way. When I try to stick to a stringent plot, my brain reaches a huge stop sign. Behind it is a mountain which cannot be climbed.

I am a seat of the pants writer. I trust in God to provide the direction and only when I become analytical do I begin to fear. Creativity must be given a chance to run free.

And, now, off I go to find that little notebook. Oh, the things a writer’s brain holds!



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