Genesis 25-36 Study Plan

We took an extra week to get through our study of Genesis 1-24, but it was worth it. I don’t want to rush anyone, including myself. This isn’t just reading the chapters, but really taking time to stop and pray over the scriptures for God to reveal what He wants you to see. I really enjoyed reading this history, even though the stories evolved so quickly.

A lot of time has passed since the eviction from the Garden of Eden. And have you realized we are all descendants of Noah?

These chapters are filled with humans just being human. Jealousy, murder, incest, lies, rebellion and so much more! It makes me realize no matter how long God gives us to “get it,” there are so many who never learn.

Each generation thinks the next is the worst ever, but that’s not true.

When I look at how God orchestrates good out of bad situations, it proves how much He loves us. God chooses people who aren’t perfect. We are all blemished and fall short of His grace.

Now let’s go on and read the next chapters in Genesis to follow the story of Abraham’s descendants!

As these stories evolve in the next session, it is important to focus on the five W’s and an H. For each chapter, note the significant events that unfold, then answer:

1. Who are the significant people?

2. What is happening?

3. When is this happening or where will it happen? (May not be important)

4. Why was this said or done and what were the consequences?

5. How did it happen? or How was it to be done?

Mix these up as you need to, to look into what God might be saying.

6. List words or phrases that are repeated as these usually have a clue to what God is saying.

7. Note if you learn something significant about God or His ways.

8. Think about the theme (main subject) of each chapter and list it.

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