The Fickle and Loyal Return

Morning Cup of TeaThe fickle and loyal return!

Yes, the rather loyal Sweet Pea has returned with Blackie to my back yard.

I suppose the food isn’t better on the other side of the fence…or rather road! Blackie has been sleeping in the house I set up this year and Sweet Pea must be also.

Every morning, Sweet Pea is sitting on the deck landing waiting for her morning food. Blackie is a little slower, only coming out of the house after the food is put down.

There is another cat I’ve named Mr. Bibs because of his rather prominent white neck fur. He is a long-hair with white feet, fuzzy ears and a big fluffy tail. This cat walks the neighborhood like he is king. He ventures over every few days and perches on the railing outside my kitchen window waiting for a handout.

I have to admit I’m happy to have the cats back again. Do you suppose Sweet Pea talked her buddy into returning? I’d like to think so.

The story behind the “semi feral” cats began around eleven years ago when my sweet and compassionate hubby began feeding the outdoor cats the neighbor had cared for when said neighbor sold house and moved away. When the house sold and remodeling work began, the cats migrated to our yard…in the spring…and gifting us with multiple litters of kittens!

In an effort to diminish the feral community, we had a total of 17 cats spayed and neutered. And yes, we fed them all. Hubby built a 4 foot by 6 foot shelter for them, complete with insulation, on wheels with a removable top.

Blackie is the only living cat from that original 17. To this day she has never let me touch her. Sweet Pea enjoys getting petted. Adores the attention.

I am grateful only to have two, and sometimes three, extra mouths to feed. Along with the birds who stick around all winter.

Guess I have a compassionate heart, too. That’s not a bad thing. Lifting my cup of tea with a smile and wishing you a wonderful day!


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