Thank God for Tea and Thoughts

Cup of TeaThank You, Lord, for tea. There’s something immensely relaxing in a warm cup of tea.

I sit here this morning, cup of tea beside me, while I ponder the day’s to-do list. Wednesdays are my busiest days. I leave work at two p.m. and have three hours to “rest” before going back to church for our Wednesday Family Night.

I love sitting at the table and greeting people as they come in the door. The children are all smiles and anxious to have a good time. Our family nights are growing. When we first decided to give it a try, we were afraid we wouldn’t have enough food, enough people, enough anything.

But we moved forward anyway. And God has provided. Now the people who come in the door also bring food. We have just enough every week to feed everyone. Then we have a family devotion time followed by the children heading off for activities and games. Parents go to Bible Study, quiet prayer time in the chapel, or settle into conversation groups in the Narthex.

We are blessed to watch God in action!

So I sit here and sip my tea with a smile on my face. I so enjoy being a part of the office staff of God’s church, where He uses the gifts He has given me to be a welcoming face for all who enter.

As I meet more people and realize how many are hurting and in need in various ways, I feel a tug to tell their stories. God is providing for the next phase of my writing journey and I’m looking forward to sharing more with you soon.

I take my last drink of tea and smile. I am soothed. I am calm. I am rested. I am at peace with my thoughts. I wish you a day of happy thoughts and smiles.

Wishing my Mom a happy birthday in Heaven.


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