My Annual Mammogram Brought Blessings!

Morning Cup of TeaI began my day with heading to the Women’s Care Clinic to have my annual mammogram and an overdue bone density scan. Not the most pleasant things to think about.

Usually I get in and out in less than a half hour. Not so today. The waiting room was crowded. I struck up a conversation with the woman sitting next to me.

I was surprised to learn she had learned she had breast cancer when she turned 80. All her cousins had breast cancer as well as her mother. She was able to have the tumor removed and comes back every six months for a diagnostic mammogram. We chatted about technology and the blessings and then she was called back. She came back, smiled and went into the room to get dressed. Then she came out with her coat on gave a small wave, a smile and said goodbye. I could see she had received good news and I thanked God.

Next came my turn. My bone density was first. My height is getting smaller. Once I stood a big, tall 5’2-3/4 inches. Now I’m barely over 5’2″. It is natural for adults, especially women, to lose height as they age. Usually about 1/2″ every 10 years. The reason I’ve learned is because the gel between the disks gets “squished” and the spine gets shorter. Some might even have a noticeable hunch.

But enough of the technical, scientific stuff. The bone density test was uncomfortable for the first time. It took so much longer, and I just pray it isn’t because there was more bone density loss for me. I’m considered to have osteopenia, but not yet diagnosed with osteoporosis. (When my mom died, she was shorter than me, though once she had been 5’4″ tall.) Anyway, when I was finally able to get off that table, my back protested, my knee protested and so did my right foot. I hobbled back to the waiting room, glad that was over.

Then came the mammogram. I am not a busty woman, so I always feel sorry for the one who is responsible for forcing me in the most unnatural position and trying to get my breast positioned correctly to have the plates come together and squish what I do have like a pancake. I have to say this has never been pleasant, but today I was in horrible pain.

When I left the Center, I was practically in tears from having put my poor body through such torture. I  still needed to stop at the veterinarian’s office to pick up my cats’ food, and wanted to stop at the local discount store to get a new nightgown. I took a pain pill and headed off on my way asking God for some relief.

At the vet’s office, they rang up the food and I had received a senior citizen’s discount, which they had never given me before! I paid a little over $5.00 less than usual! I thanked God as I drove away, telling Him how good He was to me.

Next I went to the discount store to get my nightgowns. I decided to get two and figured I would pay about $15.00 each. Wrong! I found a display f them on sale for $5.44 each! Perfect soft oversized T-shirt kind of gowns. So I bought 4 of them for less than I had planned to pay for two. Guess what I did next? You bet, I thanked God for His blessing. I told Him I was overwhelmed by His goodness to me.

It was getting close to lunch time and I was still a little uncomfortable from the boob smashing, so I decided to treat myself to three tacos. I ordered a combo to get a diet drink to go with them and was told my price was $5.09, but when I got to the window, the guy told me it would be $4.60 because he gave me a senior discount! Wow!

I drove home with tears in my eyes. I couldn’t quit telling God how amazed I was by His blessings to me. I had expected to have a less than stellar day, but our Lord shed sunlight and goodness onto me. See we should never dwell on the bad things, but focus on the good things that happen. And God is faithful to those who love Him. Yes, I cry when I talk to God and when I pray to Him. I don’t have to pray long or eloquent prayers. I just talk to Him. That’s how awesome our relationship is.

I pray today you have or will find that kind of relationship with Him, too.

And now my tea is finished, my mammogram and bone density test, long over and the discomfort forgotten. Thank you for sharing this tea time with me.



My Annual Mammogram Brought Blessings! — 4 Comments

  1. Oh, I have tears in MY eyes now…..after reading this. Thank you. So much of what you say and experience resonates so loudly with my own experiences.
    I talk to God too, just like He’s sitting next to me, for in my heart, He is. Nothing is missed by Him, be it our pain and discomfort, the stress like I had this morning, taking care of business, the joys of those little things that bless us regularly..
    You are very often the one who blesses me most in my day and I am so thankful our paths have crossed as they have…for even an internet connection IS one!
    Be blessed and at rest well tonight…I’m closing up and headed home now and look forward to hunkering down in my gown with my Kindle……

    • Sorry I missed the comment, Brenda. I truly feel God has blessed me by bringing us together, even, as you say through the internet. Perhaps one day we will be able to meet in person. With God, all things are possible!

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