Let’s Study Joseph’s Story in Genesis

Our next chapters to read for the next two weeks are Genesis 37-50.

These chapters are rich in history and the story that unfolds is one you will never forget. Please take time to read, reflect and study what God is revealing to you in the scriptures.

What is the source of Joseph’s brothers bad feelings about him?

Is Joseph treated any differently than most babies of the family by his parents?

Describe the progression of Joseph’s brothers feelings toward him.

What does Joseph’s encounter with Potiphar’s wife and his imprisonment tell us about his character?

What tax rate did Joseph recommend?

To what position was Joseph promoted?

How did Joseph’s sons tell us where his heart is?

Why do you suppose Joseph’s brothers didn’t recognize him?

What human experiences (we all experience) did Jacob reveal when he learned of his sons’ encounter in Egypt?

What is the significance of Chapter 43 verse 23?

What was Joseph’s purpose in devising the plot outlined in Chapter 44?

What qualities of Joseph are revealed in his response to Judah’s plea?

In what ways are Joseph and Christ comparable?

Why do you think Egypt was part of God’s plan for His people?

(questions from christviewchristian.org)


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