Let There Be Music!!

Morning Cup of TeaI love music. It lifts my spirits and though I can’t sing on key I love to sing out loud when there is no one to hear me. I am brought to tears when I sing certain hymns. They just touch my soul and make me feel like I’m looking at God and praising Him.

So this morning, I had a bit of nostalgia hit me. I realized my cats respond to anything I say. When I speak all three come running and settle around me.

Homes aren’t meant to be silent. Nor are people. Yet, when one lives alone, silence becomes normal. I miss my hubby being here and the conversations we used to have. We could talk about anything. We were truly the best of friends. And we could sit together comfortably in silence, too.

Our days used to begin with him turning on the television as soon as he woke up. It played from sunup until the wee hours of the morning. He only slept about four hours every night, but he’d take a nice, long nap during the afternoon. There was the constant sound of his oxygen machine running, and at least three times a day, the nebulizer would run while he either read the paper, or the Bible.

There was always sound in the house. When he went to live in heaven, he took the sounds with him. Now there is the occasional sound of the furnace or air conditioner. The squeak of the stairs or upper floor when I walk. But even the cats are silent unless I speak. Then they come running. They will meow at me in their way of encouraging a conversation. I know they miss this. As do I.

So, today I turned on the radio and left it running while I was at work. It is still playing. At least they get to hear the music and the sound of the DJ’s voices. I can hear the praise music as I sit here in my office and write this blog and sip my cup of tea.

When I talk to someone on the phone, my cats gather close and rub against me and meow. They think I’m talking to them. I’ve just never paid this much attention until, as I said, I missed having someone to talk to this morning.

So I am going to pay more attention to my cats starting now. I lift my cup of tea to bid you farewell for now so I can go upstairs and just talk to my pets. I think I’ll start reading my Bible out loud, too. Satan will hate that!

My friends, I bid you a pleasant good afternoon. May God bless you and keep you.

By the way, just in case you didn’t know, whatever cup I drink from is the one showing on the cup of tea blog I’m writing!




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