God Answered My Cry for Healing

Cup of TeaLet me tell you about how God answered my prayer for healing Sunday night.

Every Sunday after church, a friend and I meet for a late lunch. This past Sunday we met at Cracker Barrel. Normally, I order a salad, but this day I was super hungry and couldn’t stop thinking about how good a country fried steak would taste.┬áI hadn’t eaten one in about six years and decided to treat myself this one time.

Wrong thing to do! The deep fried and high carb meal was a very bad choice. As the day went on, my stomach grew fuller and fuller. I was so bloated and miserable I didn’t want any dinner. The food remained in my stomach and wasn’t digesting at all.

By the time I settled in bed, I was suffering severely with gas, heartburn, and acid reflux. I stumbled to the bathroom only to remember I had taken my last Alka Seltzer some time ago as well as my Maalox. I had nothing at all to relieve the discomfort.

I felt sicker and sicker and longed for my hubby to be here to give me a hug and take care of me. Living alone when you’re sick is the worst.

But I wasn’t really alone. I knew Jesus was with me. I began to pray to him to help me. I asked Him to relieve the misery and allow me to sleep. God is always there and He listens to all prayers. He’s been so good to me and I can’t imagine what life would be without Him. He’s my constant companion in good and bad, my confidante, my guide, and a wonderful listener. He’s also a healer. I trusted Him.

Not being able to sleep, I fluffed my two pillows and turned on Netflix to watch an episode of “When Calls the Heart”. Losing myself in the heartwarming episode, I lay still and my mind forgot all about my misery. When the show was over forty minutes later, I realized all my discomfort was gone! No more bloated stomach, no more heartburn, no more acid reflux!┬áImmediately I gave thanks for the answered prayer!

Never doubt God can answer your prayers. He cares about us and if we trust Him and believe in Him, He can and will work miracles. He is in the healing business! Don’t be afraid to ask Him for help when you need it. And never forget to thank Him when He answers.

Jesus isn’t just a rainy day friend to remember only when things get bad. Having a relationship with Him can change your life. I spend my day in conversation with Him, sometimes silently, sometimes out loud. I am never alone.

Lifting my cup of tea and wishing you a sweet day, friend.


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