Thorns and Tears

Love for the new yearThorns today brought me to tears!

Not in the way you’d expect. I didn’t physically have a thorn prick me. Here’s what happened.

We are beginning work on our Stations of the Cross exhibit for Good Friday. I volunteered to help out on the committee, but couldn’t make it to the meeting last night.

Today, Pastor came in with a bag and she took out three broken off stems with thorns over an inch long attached!¬†She showed me these were going to be on one of the tables along with a smaller replica of the spikes used to nail Jesus to the cross. Just looking at those thorns made my heart plummet. This is what the crown was made of that was placed on Jesus’ head. (shudder)

Immediately I began to see the vivid images of “The Passion of The Christ.”

Pastor asked me if I wanted one of the stems and I quickly said, “No!” I began to tear up.

After she left my office, the tears streamed down my face. I dropped my head as I once again felt the shame of all the pain He suffered for me. All I could say was, “I’m so sorry, Jesus.”

His suffering is beyond my comprehension. We have pain medications, and if we have surgery, we are put to sleep. But Jesus had nothing at all to relieve the pain He suffered. He was innocent, yet He endured something so horrific and terrible to save us!

How easy to forget and to take our lives for granted. We accept God’s promise that we’ll have eternal life. We accept God’s mercy and grace and yet, how often do we really think about the price Jesus paid so that we could have these things?

I saw the thorns. I saw in my mind His bloodied face. I saw Him stumbling along, carrying the very cross He would hang upon to die. I’m humbled. I’m sad. I’m ashamed.

Dear Lord, Thank you for loving me so much. Amen.

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