The Unwelcome Guest – Footsteps

And then came the mysterious footsteps which made me realize Harvey was real.

My son and daughter shared a bedroom at the bottom of the stairs which led up to my stepson’s bedroom. Each had their own twin bed.

One day I came home from work early because of a terrible headache. I decided to lay down on my daughter’s bed because it was much quieter in the back of the house.

Just as I was dropping off to sleep, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. I jumped up, thinking my stepson might have come home early from school but when I looked at the stairway, it was empty. I walked up the stairs and his room was empty.

I knew the steps I heard were coming down, not going up. The hairs on the back of my neck prickled and I hurried back down the steps and checked the entire house. The front door was still locked and no one else was in the house with me.

I figured I must have fallen asleep and dreamed it. I cautiously laid down on the bed again, but my heart was pounding and my headache was still raging. Then I heard the stairs creaking again. This time someone was going up. I stood at the bottom of the stairs watching…seeing nothing…yet hearing the footsteps continue upward.

I hurried to the front room and laid on the sofa, fear of the unknown taking precedence over my headache. A few minutes later, my stepson came home from school. When I told him what had happened, he said, “It was Harvey. I told you he was real.”

And that’s when I stopped teasing him because I knew there was something supernatural going on in the house.

We decided to move.

We were moving into a house we bought and it needed to have some work done before we could actually move in. Once the paperwork was in place, we decided to go every night to work on it so we could leave quickly.

The next day, I went down to the basement to do laundry. When I stepped on the first concrete step I felt something sharp stab my foot and I heard a scream. I looked down and saw a huge rat which disappeared into the dark.

I went to the doctor and received a tetanus shot and had my foot bandaged. The bite was pretty nasty. My husband put rat poison around the basement and on those basement stairs. The rats had burrowed into the basement and there was a hole where they came in from the back of the house where we’d seen them gathering. If we looked out the back door, we could see many, many rats. Black ones, gray ones, all enormous and ugly. Moving could not come soon enough!

(Part 5 – Final Installment – coming soon)


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