When God Rearranges Your To-Do List

Cup of TeaEver had God rearrange your to-do list?

As I sip my cup of tea, I’m thinking back to last Wednesday and remembering how blessed I was at the end of the day. Wednesday is prayer circle day at church and I participate knowing that phone calls are usually handled by our receptionist.

However, this day, our receptionist couldn’t make it in. Also, the only two people who were participating in the circle were the Pastor and me. We were just getting ready to pray when a member who had recently lost his wife came into the Narthex area where we were seated. He came to bring something to the Pastor, but I could see he needed to just have someone to talk with.

He was hurting and just needed to talk about his beloved, his loneliness, and some pictures he’d found. We chatted for a few minutes, and I held his hands and let him talk, occasionally giving a word of encouragement and hope.

After he left, we settled back to begin our prayer, when the phone rang. I hurried to answer it and was thrilled to hear the voice of a dear friend and member who is battling a rare form of leukemia. She had called to get some information which I needed to look up for her, but we chatted for a few minutes first and then I asked if she’d like to talk to the Pastor. While they talked, I gathered the information and went back to the Narthex to wait. But the second line of the phone rang.

Yes, God rearranges when we least expect it!

I hurried to get that call and it was another dear parishioner who was in a nursing home undergoing dialysis. She wanted to thank everyone at church for the cards, phone calls, visits, and gifts, and especially for the prayer shawl Pastor had delivered. It was wonderful to talk with her and offer words of hope and caring.

Pastor and I had a few minutes to pray about the concerns of the members that were turned in on Sunday, but it was time to get back to work.

However, two more church members came in seeking assistance. They had come in to discuss some issues they were having and while listening I realized how they trusted God despite their plight, which now included being homeless. When they were finished talking with Pastor, I left with them and filled their gas tank to help them out.

When I returned, Pastor had left for her lunch appointment.

Though I didn’t accomplish a lot of things on my to-do list that day, my heart was blessed because God’s plans were much better than mine. These are the days when I really love working as a church secretary. The days when God rearranges my to-do list!



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    • Thank you, Pamela! Wishing you well and praying God continues to bless you.

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