The Unwelcome Guest – Saying Goodbye (Final Installment)

As we prepared to vacate the house, whatever spirit inhabited the house escalated in making us anxious to say goodbye!

The picture shows the two doors at the end of the hallway off the kitchen. The door on the right opened into the back yard. The door on the left was the bathroom.

Two days after the rat incident, we came home, walked into the kitchen and then the toilet flushed! Sure we would find someone in the bathroom, we investigated with caution. We opened the door and saw…Nothing!!!

That was pretty creepy. We began to box up things that very night. Our final goodbye couldn’t come quick enough.

The next evening, we came home and everything was quiet. What a relief! After the kids were settled in bed, I decided to take a nice, relaxing bubble bath. I added bubbles as the water slowly filled the tub. I stepped in and settled into the wonderful aroma and warmth. As I reached to shut off the water, a HUGE orange and cream striped spider with long legs and a bulbous body literally washed out of the faucet!

I began to scream…as I think back on this moment, I realize this might be where my terror of spiders came from.

I jumped out of the tub and my husband came running to see what happened. The spider was walking, yes, literally walking on the bubbles! He pulled the plug and the water drained out, leaving the evil eight-legged spider in the tub. I shudder as I remember how it tried to avoid the swatter, but eventually the spider was dead.

None of us took another bath in that tub!

The next night, we carried boxes with us to the new house. We were ready to move in.

We came home exhausted, later than usual, and when we reached the kitchen, the bathroom door was ripped off its hinges and lying across the hallway at an awkward angle. The hinges were bent with the force used to yank it free!

Terrified, we all slept in the living room and front bedroom. The next day we moved all our things out of the house and said our final goodbye.

Now many people don’t believe in ghosts or evil spirits. I’m a Christian. I know there are evil spirits in this world. Why one chose to manifest in that house is something I’ll never know. Perhaps something horrible happened there in the past. I still don’t understand if the spirit wanted us to stay or not, and if so, why? What would have happened if we did stay? Those are the things nightmares are made of.

Thank you for reading!


The Unwelcome Guest – Saying Goodbye (Final Installment) — 4 Comments

    • Yes. This whole series (5 parts) was the story of the rented house with the unwelcome guest. You can read all the installments on the Life Unexpected Series tab.

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