One should never say never.

My hubby and I used to enjoy visiting the Great Smoky Mountains. After he passed, I thought that part of my life had come to an end. Vacations were a thing of the past.

Yet here I am sitting and relaxing in a motel room after walking the strip in Pigeon Forge! I’m going to share my adventures through my blog, and I hope to entertain you.

We started out Tuesday morning. I drove to my friend Sharon’s house. I parked in her garage because we were going in her SUV. So I put my keys in my glove compartment and went into house. When we left, I went to open the back of my SUV and realized with horror I had automatically pressed the auto lock button before shutting the door!

Had to call daughter to meet us at my house to let me in to get my spare key. What a way to start, right? But we were determined not to get stressed about anything…so we just had a little delay. I like to think it is all God’s doing. He delays all of us to prevent anything bad from happening. We might have been in an accident if we’d left on our time table.

We were in no hurry to get to Tennessee, so we took a longer route avoiding major interstates. What a joy! Traffic was so sparse and scenery was gorgeous. We wanted to eat at places we couldn’t in Ohio.

Our first stop was at Diner 23. What a perfect place for us to stop! It was a true diner…a blast from the past.

So clean and the service was great. The food was wonderful and abundant! I chose the meatloaf and Sharon chose the marzetti.

We drove on to Kingston Tennessee where we stopped for dinner…or as they say in the south…supper. We passed two hotels and planned to go back to one of them for the night. No hurry, no worry!

I forgot to get a picture of the sign, but it was a little dive called Pizza Plus. Small, clean, and fabulous service.

Clean platers! Ron would be proud. The best part of eating there was the guy who ran the place. He was so friendly. We decided to ask hi a good place to spend the night. He said we shouldn’t stay at any of the places there in town. They weren’t a good place for two ladies to stay. He even named another place to avoid where the occupants paid by the hour!

He gave us good directions in the same direction we were traveling where we could find some nice hotels. We first tried a Hampton Inn but the were filled up. Baseball team! The lady at the desk told us not to go to the Quality Inn, so we went to the third option…Comfort Suites. The beds were so comfortable. The room was spacious, had a fridge, microwave, two TVs and a sofa in addition to the 2 queen size beds. A lovely view from the parking lot. And they provided a full free breakfast.

After a great night’s rest, full tummies, we began day two. More tomorrow. I will never say never again!


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