It’s Amazing How Much Clutter People Can Collect in 33 Years!

Clutter! It’s amazing how much my husband and I collected in the 33 years we spent in our house. He was a saver of all things which might be of use one day. Electric cords, cancelled checks from 1986, and even a rubber chicken.

He once saved egg cartons because he was going to paint them and turn them into a swag lamp! I’m serious.

He made me wall lamps out of the ends of butcher paper rolls he saved for several years. They were unique and if I hadn’t given them to the Salvation Army to bless someone else’s house, I would show you a picture.

When it came time to rent a dumpster so I could “downsize” and get the house ready to sell, I ordered the 14 cubic foot size. It took up my entire driveway!

Thanks to my son-in-law being a school teacher and thus not working this summer, he and three of my grandchildren helped clear out the clutter. I was truly amazed at how many things we tossed.

The rule I used was simple: If I hadn’t touched it in two years, it was fair game for the dumpster. I didn’t think twice. Well, maybe I did think twice about some things. But I remembered a dear friend’s advice: The joy of a gift is received at the time the gift is given. So those little knick knacks which friends and family gave me over the years had to follow the two year rule as well.

I shouldn’t just blame my late hubby. I collected hardback books. I began in the mid sixties and stopped when I bought my first Kindle (mainly because hubby said, either you stop buying books or I’m going to have to find a place to live because there won’t be room for me any longer)! We boxed up around 600 books for the Salvation Army. I could never bear to throw away a book!

I will have to invest in at least ONE new bookcase for my condo. I have writing craft books to display for easy access.

Anyway, we completely filled that dumpster to the top. I threw away everything that wasn’t up to recycling, but the basement is clutter free, the 12 X 12 shed is clutter free, all the closets are clutter free, and there is so much room in the house now! Honestly, it sure did look good by the time we put that For Sale sign in the yard.

And then began the process of showing the house. That took some preparation, too, which I’ll talk about in a later blog.

I can honestly say being over 70 takes a lot of stamina and fortitude!

‘Til next time, take time to enjoy life. Every moment is a gift from God!



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