Rain, Rain, Rainy Days and Surprises

Rain and rainy days are refreshing to me…usually.

Rain makes the flowers grow, cleans the air, and give the lawn that pretty green color.

After the house officially went on the market with a formal “for sale” sign in the front yard, I prepared myself for the next step. Having people walk through my house while I found someplace else to be. I worried about my three cats. Would they seek shelter under the beds, or would they come out and try to investigate the intruders, or hiss at them and scare them away?

My first showing was a no show, though they never told me. I had left every light on in the house, as suggested by my agent, so the rooms would appear bright and welcoming. When I returned home there was no calling card on the table. It had been pouring down rain, not just a little but a true downpour. More than we’d seen in a long time. Yes, I was out in that in order to meet the requirements of not being home when potential buyers came.

These, old, arthritic joints do not do well in weather like this! Life after 70 is called the “golden years”…I don’t quite understand this, unless it refers to the money paid to doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies! But I digress.

The next day there were two showings and another the afternoon after that. Things were looking up.

Neither of the first two lookers were interested. Boo. I began to feel a little down. The next afternoon another showing was scheduled and once again, God provided rain…lots of it. When it rains at the rate of an inch an hour, the street next to me, which connects with the main crossroad, floods. I know to avoid that street on those days.

Anyway, I came home from work, turned on all the lights, made sure everything looked picture perfect, and took all the paperwork regarding the new condo I was purchasing, and headed out between rain storms to have a late lunch.

While I was sitting in the restaurant, I heard another downpour with thunder rolling and lightning flashing. My first thought was that I’d come home and find the showing had been cancelled again.

Once the storm abated, I drove toward home. Streets were flooded everywhere! I avoided the bad street and turned onto mine…and saw an SUV in my driveway and two vans parked on the street in front of the house. Uh-oh. So I cruised on past and drove around the block to park on a cross street where I could see when the vehicles left. Let’s just say I sat there so long I worried someone would call the police about a suspicious, white-haired lady, in a silver SUV!

Finally a man came out and got into one of the vans. It was several minutes later when a lady emerged and climbed into the second van. No vehicles moved.

I began to get nervous. I noticed someone watching me from the windows of the house across from where I was parked, so I decided I’d better cut and run! I drove around several blocks and prepared to slowly go up my street. As I turned the corner, there were the two vans! A man was under the one the woman was driving. I stopped and rolled down my window and asked if they needed help. The man told me the woman had driven through a huge area of water and he was checking to make sure it was safe for her to drive. The woman said they were fine. She had been to look at a house for sale and were late because of the rain. She had turned on a street, not noticing it was flooded and drove through it!

Great. This was not looking good for me. I cheerfully said, the street always floods in heavy rains, but the next one over never does. She thanked me and I drove on. So did they. But the SUV was still in my drive. Sigh.

I took a different turn around the block and finally saw the driveway was vacant. Home, sweet, home.

I made my rounds to turn off all the lights, and when I went downstairs, I felt the sogginess under my feet! The carpet was soaked! I opened the basement door to water running from under the outside door straight across to the hallway. Oh, no!

Sure enough, the rain had come down so hard and the wind blew so strong that leaves, big leaves, from the neighbor’s sycamore tree had settled at the bottom of the stairs and over the drain at the outside entrance to the basement. I cleared them off and the water receded outside. But inside I had to sweep the water to the center drain. It took quite a while, but soon all the water was gone. I had to use my shampooer to suck the water from the carpeting. Then I started the dehumidifier to dry up the basement and the carpet.

Now I knew I had to call my agent and tell her the bad news. The house I swore never had water, now had…right when a potential buyer was viewing. I explained what happened and she said she could probably handle it if they said anything in their report.

No report came. The next evening I had made plans to visit my long-time best friend for dinner. She lives in a city about 40 minutes away. I alsof packed items to store in her basement until I moved. On the way to the restaurant where we were headed, I looked at the sky and said, “Doesn’t that cloud look like a tornado?” She agreed. Not two minutes later, the tornado siren went off! We continued to the restaurant to find staff standing outside videoing the tornado!

Yikes. We went inside and prayed for safety. Even tornadoes do not stop cooks and waiting staff in this restaurant! We enjoyed our comfort food and chatted long enough for the threat to be over before we left.

The following day was my day off, so I asked another friend to join me for lunch and to drive by the condo to see if there had been any flooding there. I had heard the road was closed due to high water! As we departed, I received a phone call. The person who had viewed my house during the basement flooding event offered to purchase the house at the full asking price! God can turn any dark situation into something beautiful! (And the condo and surrounding area was just fine!)

We had a bit of negotiating to do on some of the closing costs, but three days later, I had a signed contract. And I also signed a contract on the condo!

And now, the waiting began.



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    • It has been an adventure! Right now I’m packing up and anticipating a move next week. Once the buyer has the government issued check for down payment, we’ll set a closing date. The sooner the better! I’m ready to get into my new location. Thanks for reading and commenting, Ann.

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