An Open Slate Lazy Kind of Saturday

I love a Saturday where I don’t have any outstanding obligations. There are so many things I need to get done on Friday and Saturday, I rarely have a day like today!

It doesn’t matter that it’s my day to sleep in, the cats know when they expect to be fed and refuse to acknowledge that Saturday is a day Mom can stay in bed a little later than usual. So at 6:30 this morning, I’m feeding three hungry cats. Once I’m out of bed, my eyes and body are wide awake, so going back to those warm covers is not an option.

Once the cats are fed they have no issues with taking a long nap! They each have found their preferred spot for the day.

Do you realize how difficult it is to scoot an office chair when you have a cat balanced on the back of it? It is definitely a challenge!

Wilbur prefers to sleep on the back of my office chair so he doesn’t miss anything I’m doing!

I really don’t mind the cats sleeping on my bed, but I do put a protective cover over the comforter. It’s especially nice when one does this just before I go to bed because they warm it up nicely!

Charlotte prefers my bed

Three beds…three cats…only one chooses to use this today. Bless his heart, Templeton is almost too big to fit!

Templeton likes his bed

With all of them snoozing, I can now plan my Saturday. First on the agenda was cleaning out two drawers of my desk. Check that off my list!

When I’m finished with my writing time, I want to do some coloring. I have some pages to finish shading and a new one to finish coloring. It’s very relaxing, especially if you listen to Christmas music!

The book I’m currently coloring

Picture to finish shading

new pic I’m working on

I will find time to squeeze in walking on the treadmill and listening to an audio book. This is my favorite way to exercise. Then I will find time on this Saturday to watch Hallmark channel.

Right now, I’m headed to the kitchen for another cup of tea! Hope your Saturday is filled with all things you “want” to do.

Wishing you a blessed day!



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