And Then I Danced

My husband and I loved to dance. We were dance instructors for quite a few years. Music speaks to my soul…and it did to his as well.

After he went to Heaven, I never danced again, except when I would get swept up in the music on the radio and just have to move my body…but a solo dance just isn’t the same.

Life after 70 is a change from our younger years. Now I sit back and close my eyes and replay all the wonderful moments experienced in those earlier times. I hear the music and I dance in my memories.

In November, my granddaughter married her soulmate. Excitement filled my soul as the church came into sight and I knew soon I would see her walk down the aisle. The experience was everything I expected and more. Such joy filled my heart as they spoke their vows…a beautiful couple just beginning their journey with the making of this forever memory to cherish. She was a flowing image in white, contrasting with her dark hair. A breathtaking bride with a handsome groom.

They are perfect for each other. I love their sense of fun and humor, their love of animals, and most of all how they love each other. And how they are kind and compassionate to an over 70’s grandma.

You know what happens after the wedding, right? The reception!! Woo hoo! Party time. Music, so much music, so many people dancing! Everyone was so happy and pictures were snapping, laughter, food, and a lot of noise…and music, music, music.

At one point in the evening, my new grandson began “twerking” me! So what does an old lady do? Why, I twerked as best I could! My granddaughter joined in and everyone was laughing. It was great fun. I only wish my body could have twerked the way theirs could.

One might say I had danced at that point. But the best was yet to come. The night was nearly at an end when the D.J. played a slow song and the dance floor filled with couples. I sat with a smile on my face and watched the younger, and some older, people do what my husband and I once did.

Then, my new grandson appeared and held out his hand and asked me to dance!

And then I danced!

We moved across the floor with all the other couples, and my heart was overflowing with love. This new member of my family gave me the best gift I could have ever received.

I might never dance again, but I will always cherish this memory. I know my husband must have been smiling down on us.

I will always cherish…the dance.



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  1. Such beautiful memories.I have been a dancer, but when my “Yankee” husband would talk me into it, I felt I was in heaven.

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