Another Masterpiece from God…Snow!!!

I woke this morning to find a beautiful layer of snow on the ground. Since then I’ve been watching the snowflakes come down through the windows of my condo. I love the pristine whiteness, the glimmer of light on the diamond-like snowflakes, and the overwhelming sense of God’s power and love. I love snow.

My office window view

The branches on the little pine trees are snow covered. Only God can create such a gorgeous masterpiece. I tried unsuccessfully to capture what I see in pictures.


Living room window

I remember winters past, when I was about twelve. My best friend had received one of those large round metal signs (advertising Coca Cola) from her grandfather. We bundled up and pulled that big round sign up the hill in the school yard where we both climbed in and raced lickety-split down, down, down. We laughed so hard and had such fun, we never felt the cold. Over and over again, we’d repeat the climb, belly-laughing all the way to the bottom.

As I sit here this morning, with the memory in mind, I’m shedding a few tears because my friend was called home many years ago, way too early. I remember the last time I visited her, when she was no longer aware of who I was. I miss her, but I keep her alive in my memories.

Memories of going to school dances and jitter bugging together…because that’s what the girls did back then. The guys watched from the sidelines, only to stumble onto the dance floor when a slow song played. I remember our long walks back in “Dutch Hollow” where we grew up. Way out in the sticks. No buses, no cabs, no real cares. Riding bikes, reading books inside homemade tents, playing ball, telling jokes, shopping at Grant’s and getting frozen candy bars for the walk home.

As life moves on, I look back on the many people who wove in and out of the tapestry of my life, each unique, like each snowflake that is falling today. There are memories in the snow.

So I sip my cup of tea and smile, thanking God for snow and memories…and love.

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