When a Loved One Commits Suicide

This picture is one of my favorite memories. My mother had come to visit for the first time after my father passed. The four others in the picture with her are my four birth children. Sometimes I look at this … Continue reading

One is the Loneliest Number

June is widely known as the month of weddings, new beginnings, and love. For me it has become a marking month of days and weeks of sorrow. The month when I watched my husband die. People talk about soulmates, and … Continue reading

Breaking the Silence of Insomnia and Depression

I never suffered from depression to a frightening degree until I lost my mother, then my husband, and my son. All occurred within five years. Truly, I thought I’d handled the deaths well. After my mother passed, I was caught … Continue reading

It’s Normal to Cry When You Suffer Loss

God gave us tear ducts for a reason. I’ve never bought into the tough guy male stigma of “men don’t cry.” My Ron cried. He was not a weak man. He was strong, vital, and all man, but he was … Continue reading

The Dreaded “Firsts” After Losing a Spouse

The first year is the hardest. There are so many “firsts” to get through. My first “first” without Ron was his birthday in October. Waking that morning, I whispered “Happy Birthday” to an empty room. I sat up in bed, … Continue reading