Overcoming the Guilt and Denial of Losing a Spouse

During the first days after Ron passed, I was caught up in the preparations for the funeral. Without realizing it, I was in a state of shock. I went through the motions surrounded by family and friends who helped me … Continue reading

Yes, My Life Has Changed

We all live temporary lives here on earth and will meet Jesus one day. Most of us don’t think of our short life spans. Those who have a deep faith know death is but a stepping stone into a better … Continue reading

A Kind, Gentle Man with Big Hands

My first marriage was not a success. I never wanted to go through a divorce. I’d experienced what happened after my mother’s failed marriage and how I was separated from my brother and sister. My biological father died in World … Continue reading

And Then There Was One

Today in Sunday School we were studying John, Chapter 11, the story of Lazarus’ death and how Jesus called him out of the tomb. Some of the questions we discussed touched on our own experiences with death and grief. A … Continue reading

God Knows There is a Reason

The first snowfall of winter always fills me with joy. I love watching the flakes coming down, especially when they are large and so close together, my breath catches in awe. I remember how my husband used to shovel the … Continue reading