After the Frenzy

This is my cat, Templeton. When he doesn’t get the attention he wants, he creates his own entertainment. He will sit quietly, slowly turning his head to watch the end of his tail flick up and down. He is very … Continue reading

Hugs from Heaven

There’s a picture hanging above the sofa taken a year ago May for our Church Directory. My hubby’s chair used to sit where the sofa is now. Each time I walk up the stairs I’m greeted, not with him smiling … Continue reading

Legacy of Love

Some people can’t understand why I share such a deep, personal look into my emotional journey after losing my beloved husband. They don’t understand how I can post inspirational words with my friends on Facebook. Shouldn’t I be lost in … Continue reading

Sunshine After the Storm

When grief squeezes my heart, there is comfort near. Templeton jumps into my lap and gives me a loving, sympathetic look. He purrs and butts his head into my hand, arm, and chest. When I’m over the tears, he settles … Continue reading

Finding a New Normal

“…He leadeth me beside the still waters, he restoreth my soul…” (from Psalm 23) These are the words of comfort that have kept me strong in these days since saying my farewell to my husband and soul mate. The Lord … Continue reading