When God Rearranges Your To-Do List

Ever had God rearrange your to-do list? As I sip my cup of tea, I’m thinking back to last Wednesday and remembering how blessed I was at the end of the day. Wednesday is prayer circle day at church and … Continue reading

Box of Memories on A Winter Day

As I sip my morning cup of tea, I want to tell you about a box I have. It’s just a small, colorful box with a label of “Our Family,” and filled with pictures. A few days ago, I pulledĀ it … Continue reading

Thorns and Tears

Thorns today brought me to tears! Not in the way you’d expect. I didn’t physically have a thorn prick me. Here’s what happened. We are beginning work on our Stations of the Cross exhibit for Good Friday. I volunteered to … Continue reading

God Answered My Cry for Healing

Let me tell you about how God answered my prayer for healing Sunday night. Every Sunday after church, a friend and I meet for a late lunch. This past Sunday we met at Cracker Barrel. Normally, I order a salad, … Continue reading

Let There Be Music!!

I love music. It lifts my spirits and though I can’t sing on key I love to sing out loud when there is no one to hear me. I am brought to tears when I sing certain hymns. They just … Continue reading