Let There Be Music!!

I love music. It lifts my spirits and though I can’t sing on key I love to sing out loud when there is no one to hear me. I am brought to tears when I sing certain hymns. They just … Continue reading

My Annual Mammogram Brought Blessings!

I began my day with heading to the Women’s Care Clinic to have my annual mammogram and an overdue bone density scan. Not the most pleasant things to think about. Usually I get in and out in less than a … Continue reading

Thank God for Tea and Thoughts

Thank You, Lord, for tea. There’s something immensely relaxing in a warm cup of tea. I sit here this morning, cup of tea beside me, while I ponder the day’s to-do list. Wednesdays are my busiest days. I leave work … Continue reading

The Fickle and Loyal Return

The fickle and loyal return! Yes, the rather loyal Sweet Pea has returned with Blackie to my back yard. I suppose the food isn’t better on the other side of the fence…or rather road! Blackie has been sleeping in the … Continue reading

Fickle or Loyal?

Fickle or loyal: a matter of perspective. As I sip my morning cup of tea, I’m thinking about a cute little cat I call Sweet Pea. She came to my back yard about 3 years ago, a small, tiger cat … Continue reading