Looking Through My Blessing Basket

My blessing basket is overflowing. Counting blessings is a good way to put things into perspective. When I feel disheartened, all I need to do is read through the blessings to turn my focus away from negatives and focus on … Continue reading

Where is God’s Temple Now? In Us!

I’ve always been a cat lover. My love began in the house way out in the sticks of Dutch Hollow where my mom introduced me to the pleasure of caring for cats! Last night all three of my cats found … Continue reading

Compassion Is More Than Emotion

My visit to Wisconsin included visiting the church my daughter and son-in-law attend. What an uplifting worship service! The pastor talked about compassion, associating it with action. This really resonated with me. We see many things that make our hearts … Continue reading

Pictures and Memories

The picture today is of my mom and dad in their home. I miss going to Illinois to visit them and I miss talking to them on the telephone. Pictures and memories keep them alive in my heart.┬áThese are my … Continue reading

Visiting and Welcoming

I’m visiting family in Wisconsin. Meet Digit, the cat. His eyes tell it all. He is not happy to have intruders in his territory. Here he was sitting guard to keep me from coming through the dining room. Amazing how … Continue reading