It's All Downhill From Here

Yesterday, while doing my treadmill writing, I realized I’m only 100 pages from reaching the end of my current manuscript (based on editorial requirements). My heart did a happy tap dance because all the necessary pieces for the plot twists … Continue reading

When the Rubber Meets the Treadmill

This past week I’ve been working hard on maintaining a writing goal of five pages per day. I don’t usually set these kinds of goals, because if I don’t reach them, I get discouraged. Usually, my goals are to write … Continue reading

Music and Writing–It's All About "Hearing"

I love reading. What excitement fills young readers when they can point to a word and actually read it. Children learn to speak before learning to read. Our ears and our tongues are uniquely tuned to each other. We hear, … Continue reading

Slooooooow Writing

I’ve decided there is no way around my┬ábeing a Dean Koontz kind of writer. Dean edits as he writes. He never leaves a page until he is certain it is exactly the way he wants it. Likewise, I find myself … Continue reading

Breaking Through the Plateau

On my weight loss journey, the hardest thing I’ve done so far is stick with the plan while on a four-week plateau. Though the experts say plateaus happen and are to be expected, discouragement is difficult to conquer. I’ve been … Continue reading