Muddling Through The Middle

The middle of the book can be a fun experience or a stressful experience. Many times a writer will reach the middle and have no idea where to go next. Sometimes these stories remain unfinished as the writer goes on … Continue reading

Deck Writing

I’m sitting on our screened in deck watching the breeze move the leaves, while the sun reflects off the pond. What a gorgeous day! Perfect for stimulating the senses and activating the creative side of my brain. Just had to … Continue reading

Thank You, Mother…Thank You, God

Happy Mother’s Day! Today, I’m thinking a lot about my mother. I see her in the rooms as I walk through them, remembering her smile, her laughter, and the heartaches she endured. Leaving her home of 51 years and moving … Continue reading

Whose Voice is That?

Have you ever picked up a book by one of your favorite authors who has been on the NY Times Bestseller’s List multiple time and written tons of books…only to be terribly disappointed? I have. Why? Not because┬áthe story is … Continue reading

All Those "E" Words

Elated, ecstatic, exhilarated, excited, euphoric!!! When I woke this morning, sunshine greeted me. No rain! I jumped out of bed, eager to enjoy the day. Who cares that my thermometer’s red line stopped right on the 30 degree mark? Not … Continue reading