Thank You, Mother…Thank You, God

Happy Mother’s Day! Today, I’m thinking a lot about my mother. I see her in the rooms as I walk through them, remembering her smile, her laughter, and the heartaches she endured. Leaving her home of 51 years and moving … Continue reading

Whose Voice is That?

Have you ever picked up a book by one of your favorite authors who has been on the NY Times Bestseller’s List multiple time and written tons of books…only to be terribly disappointed? I have. Why? Not because¬†the story is … Continue reading

All Those "E" Words

Elated, ecstatic, exhilarated, excited, euphoric!!! When I woke this morning, sunshine greeted me. No rain! I jumped out of bed, eager to enjoy the day. Who cares that my thermometer’s red line stopped right on the 30 degree mark? Not … Continue reading

Exercise Increases Creativity

It’s a fact. I always have great spurts of creativity after I spend a little time on the treadmill. After reading about some writers who have turned their treadmills into desks, I decided to give it a whirl myself.¬† This … Continue reading

Deep POV With Villain

Getting the villain right is so important to building suspense. Since I’ve decided to foreshadow by introducing readers to the “bad guy” in the beginning of my current work-in-progress novel, I’ve been working hard to get inside his head and … Continue reading