The Dark Cabin and the Fire Alarm!

Ever been awakened in a DARK room in a strange place by a fire alarm? Let me tell you a funny story. My hubby and I rented a one bedroom cabin in Tennessee in a remote location way back in … Continue reading

The Tale of Two BFFs and The Backwoods Fest

Today my BFF and I went to Thornville, OH, to see what the Backwoods Fest had to offer. My BFF had been there before, but this was my first time, and I was all excited. We met at my house … Continue reading

Back Yard Shows

I’ve always loved to write and while a lot of authors say they began writing stories at a very early age, my first taste of writing was actually putting together back yard shows. For several years I lived with my … Continue reading

Crickets or Cicadas? Is This a Plot to Drive Me Crazy?

If I could bottle sound, you’d be hearing the most beautiful music right now! I came into my office at O’Dark Thirty and was met with an almost deafening sound of crickets or cicadas serenading me! My office is below … Continue reading

Vehicle Maintenance – Yes or No?

So here I sit at my Toyota dealer’s waiting room while my vehicle is getting an oil change and pondering the expense of all the past due maintenance. No, they never informed me prior to this. Total of all is … Continue reading