Co-Existing with Clarence, My Underground Buddy

I removed the paving stones around the hole under my shed on Sunday afternoon because I began feeling guilty. What if the groundhog was in the hole when I blocked it off? If he died, not only would I feel … Continue reading

One of Those Mornings Where My Brain is Confused

This morning as I sit here relaxing and drinking my Earl Grey tea, I’m shaking my head at the way the day began. I went downstairs to fill the cat food container, walked into the basement, and opened the trash … Continue reading

Ever Try to Analyze a Crazy Dream?

I woke this morning with vivid memories of a crazy dream which made no sense! I know where pieces of it came from, but those memories all clashed together into a weird puzzle of a dream. First, I was in … Continue reading

When Your Road is Bumpy, Just Laugh!

You know your road is going to be bumpy when you do what I did this morning! I made my usual cream of wheat cereal and poured a glass of milk to go with it. Grabbed a packet of sweetener … Continue reading

Love Wrapped Just for You!

I love the three weeks leading up to Christmas. Decorating, writing Christmas cards, making presents, planning for the annual family Christmas party…these things fill my heart with happiness! Christmas Eve my family joins me for the candlelight service at church. … Continue reading